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Open Business Integration Platform

Welcome to wescale, the open business integration platform designed to connect and empower the procurement world. As a central hub, wescale offers a unique, collaborative environment where suppliers, purchasing organizations, and solution providers unite to create a dynamic and interconnected procurement marketplace.


Openness as a foundation

At wescale, openness is not just a feature – it is a foundation.

Open and Accessible

We provide an accessible platform that welcomes diverse businesses and solutions. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or an established enterprise, wescale adapts to your specific needs and scales as you grow.

Speed of Implementation

The self-service functionality of wescale drastically cuts down the time required to get up and running on the platform. Users can manage their setups, configurations, and usage with minimal external assistance, leading to quicker deployment and faster time to value.

Marketplace of Opportunities

wescale is more than just a platform for our own solutions; it’s a marketplace teeming with possibilities. Suppliers can showcase their offerings to a wide audience, purchasing organizations can access various products and services, and solution providers can demonstrate their innovations to potential customers. This interaction not only enhances visibility but also drives business growth and development.

Seamless Integration

With wescale, integrating your applications is a breeze. Our platform is built to support seamless connections, enabling partners to easily share, innovate, and enhance their solutions without the hassle of complex technical integrations. This open integration fosters a thriving ecosystem where collaboration is not just possible but encouraged and facilitated

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Join the wescale Network

Our newly developed B2B network within the wescale platform is a groundbreaking enhancement designed to streamline and fortify buyer and supplier interactions. Here’s how we are changing the landscape of procurement transactions:

Streamlined Catalog Interaction

wescale simplifies the catalog management process by supporting a diverse array of catalog formats, including hosted, punchout, and online catalogs. This flexibility ensures suppliers can easily present their products and services, while buyers navigate through these offerings effortlessly.

Enhanced Collaboration

The wescale network is built on the foundation of robust business relationships. It allows suppliers and buyers from all over the world to connect and collaborate seamlessly. Whether you are looking to expand your reach or source the best products, wescale provides the tools and network to make these interactions as efficient as possible.

Business Growth

The ease of use of the wescale network empowers businesses to enhance their operational efficiencies and market responsiveness. This increased efficiency can lead to better customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and significant business growth. 

Global Connectivity

Using wescale, businesses can forge new connections and strengthen existing ones. The platform easily supports the exchange of catalogs, making it possible for businesses globally to increase their operational reach and tap into new markets. This connectivity is not just about transactional relationships but also about building partnerships that drive mutual growth and understanding.

 Easy Setup – Self-Service

The Power of You

The wescale platform revolutionizes suppliers‘ and buyers‘ interactions by harnessing the power of self-service capabilities. This innovative approach accelerates the implementation process and significantly reduces the dependency on service providers or implementation partners.

Empowerment through Independence

Speed of Implementation

Reduced Dependency

Scalability and Flexibility

Enhanced User Experience


Integrate Your Applications into wescale

Make your applications available to the wescale platform and introduce yourself to potential users. The seamless integration on the platform makes it possible to access central data on the platform and significantly streamlines the introduction of your applications. Your integration comes with several advantages:

Standard Integration

Your applications integrate seamlessly with the wescale apps. Interfaces have been defined once and for all, so they do not need to be reconfigured for each project.

Transparent Costs

Select the partner model that best suits your needs and your products.

Sales Platform

Use wescale as a sales and marketing platform and make yourself known to potential customers during wescale events.

Short Project Runtime

Take advantage of your application’s plug-and-play function in wescale. In standard mode, your application is ready for use within a very short time.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

As a B2B supplier for office equipment, office technology and EDP accessories, we serve customers from all sectors – from international automotive companies to pharmaceutical groups. wescale helps us maintain and expand these business relationships and market ourselves as potential supplier to other international companies. All our activities are managed from a single platform – what more could one ask for!

Heiko Müller

Sales Manager, company from the office supplies sector

As the purchasing department of an international media group our challenge is to manage highly dynamic and complex procurement processes in an agile way and to make sure our structures, tools and methods are geared to the future. ProsiebenSat.1’s dynamic and rapid corporate development meant the purchasing department needed a future-oriented, flexible and creative solution concept. WPS Management is the ideal partner for us!

Stefan Buchheit

Head of Procurement Unit Tools, Methods, Processes & Production, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

Cooperation is a success booster. The simple and deep integration in the wescale business integration platform allows our customers to leverage synergies between our applications and partner solutions. The perfect interaction!

Johannes Ohl

VP Sales and Business Development EPSA MP, PSG

Start Using wescale Today!

By integrating wescale into your procurement strategy, you’re not just adopting a tool but embracing a transformation. Connect, collaborate, and expand your business with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Dive into a world where procurement limitations are dissolved, and infinite possibilities emerge.