Guided Procurement

Companies typically use multiple buying channels to serve all the demand of their business units and end users. Typical buying channels include (but are not limited to): Catalog Request for quotation Freetext requisition with the purchasing department Contract call-off Temporary labor requisition Invitation to tender Each buying channel has its own pros and cons. Where [...]

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Collaboration refers to all needed developments in the wescale applications Notfication Task Chat For notifications, a first version of a wescale app already exists. For tasks and chat, only mockups of the future feature set are available. Within the menu context “Tasks”, the user will have the opportunity to see tasks from all genuine wescale [...]

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Data Science

In the area of data science, guided procurement requires the analysis of historical spend and usage data, in order to propose order types, material groups and suppliers based on the raw data. There is an existing implementation to receive material group recommendations. The implementation, however, does not scale and needs to be improved based on [...]

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