Digital Change

Static catalogs, web shops, marketplaces, free text queries – today, suppliers must be able to react in a flexible way to the many different requirements. Assortments are complex, prices are dynamic. Contracts, catalogs and relationships must be kept up-to-date so as not to waste any potential opportunities. Costs and expenses play an important role. Digitization & networking hold great opportunities for suppliers, e.g. in terms of automation between purchasing systems and supplier shop systems or the development of new business potential. The door is open so come on in!

Let us show you the way!

wescale for you as a supplier:

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a huge network of internationally leading purchasing companies

Present your material group portfolio, your supply regions and your technical connectivity options so purchasing companies can identify you as a potential partner. When new sourcing campaigns come up, you will be automatically identified as a candidate on the basis of the information you provided.

The wescale Handshake Process

The wescale Handshake in Detail

“As a B2B supplier for office equipment, office technology and EDP accessories, we serve customers from all sectors – from international automotive companies to pharmaceutical groups. wescale helps us maintain and expand these business relationships and market ourselves as potential supplier to other international companies. All our activities are managed from a single platform – what more could one ask for!”

Heiko Müller, Sales Manager, company from the office supplies sector

Mall & Store as Enabler for Realtime-Content

The Meplato Mall as Catalog Cloud

Active control of procurement channels and efficient assortment management in the Mall


The Meplato Store as Enabler

Real-time content integration of webshop content in the central search via the Store


To the Gobal Catalog Cloud!